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Affected persons, relatives, doctors or interested parties - no matter for which reason you visit this website, all of them have their own needs. Our goal is to breastfeed some of them. For example, your need for information, for understanding, for exchange, pain study.

COVID-19, as of January 2021
Vaccination recommendations

The first vaccine against the coronavirus is already available. The vaccination is initially offered to risk group patients, including Fabry patients with a heart or kidney disease.
The vaccination is not more dangerous for Fabry patients than for persons who do not suffer from the Fabry disease. Therefore, vaccination can generally be recommended. It is basically voluntary and free of charge. Please refer to the website of the FOPH for further details:

Federal Office of Public Health, Coronavirus: Vaccination

Your attending physician will be happy to assist you with questions about the vaccination or with your decision-making.

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Fabrysuisse promotes the information exchange between affected patients and medical specialists. Patients find easy access to medical information.

An ill person without the correct diagnosis is often not understood by his surroundings. Exchange of experiences by affected patients helps to alleviate isolation and aids in meeting the daily challenges of the disease.

Fabrysuisse aids in connecting with patients and providing information. This organization was formed through the cooperation and initiative of patients and physicians.





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